Discovery Session Request

Hello Woman of God:)

Welcome to possibly the single greatest thing you’ve ever done for yourself emotionally, mentally, creatively, physically and spiritually!

Being open to our working together inside the intimate relationship of spiritual coaching says a lot about you.  I know that you’re ready to take your life, your family, your business or your ministry to the next level right now.  Congratulations!!!

You’ll leave our 30-45 minute Discovery Session:

  • Inspired and clear about how to align your emotional, mental, financial, physical and spiritual growth and personal development with the Call God has placed on your life and the desires He’s placed in your heart.
  • With knowledge of the key areas where you may be giving away your power and influence, and with identified steps you can take to own your value with confidence and clarity.
  • Having pinpointed some blind spots with brainstormed opportunities for empowering your spiritual development and personal growth.
  • And the one simple next-best step you can take immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this short request and I’ll be speaking with you soon…:)


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