About Alaina

Alaina Odessa, MS, is a God lover, an Entrepreneur, Transformational Speaker and Spiritual Life Coach using the Word of God & psychology of the soul to help women achieve emotional prosperity & creative freedom. She is also an author of a collection of Christian poetry entitled Slow Running Honey, first born poems of salvation.

Alaina’s approach to midwifing her clients into a “recovery of perspective” is steeped in a signature model that explores the parental patterns the client witnessed as a child and is now driven by as an adult. She facilitates this process through workshops, Bible studies, and coaching sessions for individuals & groups along with experiential teaching to lead participants into deeper richer discoveries of God, self & possibility.

Specialties: Interactive forums where attendees explore the terrain of 100% responsibility; the path of forgiveness; identification & arrest of the “shadow self”; identification & release of imprisoning emotions; how to actively renew the mind and more…

Alaina is also a professionally trained actress & amateur playwright who looks forward to producing her first original stage play in mid 2014.

If you’d like to inviter her to speak to your church, women/singles ministry or group, or to facilitate one of her life affirming workshops please visit the “Invite Alaina” page on this Blog.

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