Self Image & The Definition of Procrastination

images-1Do you ever have questions or ideas in your head that you can’t quite touch?  They’re like little ghosts, darting in and out, running around in the back rooms up there.

When I was younger I used to think it was an intelligence that hadn’t “settled” yet.  I waited.  Now that I’m 40 and a bit tired of all the waiting, I just slap a couple of metaphors on what I think it might’ve been and call it a poem.  (Lol…I’m loving this age thing:)

But this time t’was a little different.  (T’was?: yes, I’m in that kind of a mood)  Anyway, this time I caught it!!!

Here it goes:

Is habitual procrastination related to low self image?

Of course, I know how we struggle sometimes with getting things done when a thousand tasks scream for the simultaneous use of our two little hands.  But I don’t consider that to be procrastination.  That’s called BUSY!  Hello?  Overcommitted.  In need of a clone.  (just kidding, Lord:)

And yes, I know about the times we don’t/can’t get it done because of the un/disorganization we’ve got going on with regard to vision, goals, objectives, plans and purposes.  But that’s not really procrastination either, now is it?  This person just needs to be orientated…. once these folk are sorted & pointed in the right direction, they typically pick up their work load and walk.

And then there’re times people don’t know how, don’t know who, or don’t know what in the world is going on.  Again, not procrastination…better labeled ignorance or tutorial need, confusion, or naiveness.

images-4Nope.  I’m not interested in addressing lack of prioritization as it typically relates to procrastination.  Neither intrinsic ability, nor even disinterest because let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t feel like it.  And no, laziness isn’t procrastination either.  Laziness is laziness.


What I want to table is the real definition of procrastination (Alaina style:).  That perplexing state of wanting to, of knowing what & how to, of having time to, and having reasonable access to every other resource necessary for getting it done at one’s beck & call, and still, nothing done but the undone?  Bizarre, right?

Mmmm-hmmm…  It’s true.  Pure procrastination happens under the following circumstances:

  1. We want to get it done.
  2. We know what we need to do to get it done.
  3. We know how to get it done.
  4. We have time to get it done.
  5. We have reasonable access to all resources needed.


So where else do you check when it’s this clear that nothing’s missing?  When you know the Father’s download of uniqueness and talent certainly does not bear the glitch…  When there’s no question or doubt that His Promises are “Yes and Amen”…  When we know we’re more than conquerers through the Blood of Christ Who died, rose & reigns… When we can hardly turn around these days without being reminded that we’re creators creating our world, attractors attracting what’s in it…images-5


There’s only one thing that can possibly stop God’s perfect [virtually] unstoppable plan for us: us.  But why?  Why would we do that?  Why would we put off doing & having what’s best for us when it’s  for us?

Because either we haven’t been exposed to the knowledge of who we are in Christ or have yet to receive what we’ve learned.

Value, worth & esteem are all one in the same.  People can’t value what they don’t understand; they typically leave it alone.  And rarely will they openly value something they feel others don’t.  Feeling misunderstood in younger years can create a mentality of aloneness.  To be starved of the open expression of value is to steep in lack of self esteem.

It’s funny how we love love, acceptance and praise.  The only thing we seem to love more is people pleasing in an effort to get them.  Especially trying to please the ones so prone to keep us starving.  We do it in hopes of paying it forward…that one day they’ll open up and when they do, we’ll be there to receive their unbridled love, acceptance and praise.

But in the meantime, we continue to work for it, to wait for it.  When it’s absent from the people we crave it from the most (say a father, a mother, a child, a lover, a spouse, etc) we begin to believe we’re unworthy to have it… and anything else worth the worthy.

A damaging self diagnosis, yes?

The most painful part is that this horrible misdiagnosis invites in all sorts of debilitating side effects like detachment & neediness, defensiveness & suspicion, promiscuity & prudishness, perfectionism & procrastination, and a practically exhaustive list of others.

By the way, those who do manage to attract the things they deem valuable prior to healing this faulty self perspective, they often find themselves in haunting cycles of gain & loss.  Core beliefs are self sustaining.  There’s no other way around it.

Your… my… our… nobody’s self worth/self image should ever be based on the opinions and treatment of another person…

People are too dangerously myopic to ever trust this way.  So often nearsighted (microscopic) on the faults of another while farsighted (telescopic) on those of our own.

It’s time to look at the self through new & able eyes because I’ll tell you something you might not know:

If you are love hungry, attention hungry or starving for praise in any way, you are in danger of being a people pleaser.  And if you are people pleaser with a core belief that people do not want to see you happy, thriving and successful, you will subconsciously create obstacles to your own happiness & thriving success in an effort to please those people.  

We can only MANIFEST from the seat of what we TRULY belief at our core, even when it contrasts with what we KNOW TO BE TRUE & WANT to believe… (that’s deep)!!!


I want you to go to the mirror and look yourself in the eyes while you ask God to show you any way in you that might be holding you back.  Ask Him to cut you loose from the core beliefs that keep you from receiving & shining in the knowledge that you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.  Amen.


About Alaina Odessa Expressions

Alaina Odessa is a Christian poet and author of Slow Running Honey, an anointed book of poetry that speaks to the secrets, self deception, and lack of self awareness that is holding many of God's people back from the abundance He created them for. She is creator of Alaina Odessa Expressions, a company dedicated to helping others 'Cultivate the God made self' through poetry, theatre, workshops, lectures, & television. Godly information fosters the mind renewal process all Christians must undertake to experience the fullness of Christ's sacrifice. Alaina Odessa Expressions strives to provide edifying, life changing content.
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