Victimization vs Personal Development

imagesI remember when Mitt Romney made the comment about 47% of the population being victim minded.  He insinuated that ‘they’ were waiting for something.  What, he didn’t say.  Power maybe?

So many were angry and offended.  I tried to feel that myself but the Holy Spirit kept interrupting me with the suggestion that I try it on for size.  Talk about offended, but I knew it was God and I know He’s always right.

I submitted and was hurting and pained as I took the box down that contained that ugly generalized judgment to look inside and see what I might see of myself.

I had a tendency to be very other centered in my approach to naming my problems.  Victimization 101.  My emotional life was basically being ruled by cause and effect.

  • “I feel” like this because Larry did that.
  • “I did” this because Pam did that.
  • “I thought” that because xyz happened.
  • “I couldn’t” see myself doing B until so-and-so did A.
  • “I wouldn’t” be so uncomfortable if she’d quit doing that.
  • How else was “I supposed” to act didn’t you see what he did?

God was showing me that my dependency on other people’s rationale and behavior, my tendency to live in this reactive state was severely crippling my ability to be proactive about what I wanted to create in my life.  In that old mindset, I was actively handing my paintbrush over to other people even as I stood in bitterness and complaint about how my masterpiece was being crafted.  This was/is extremely counterintuitive.

Knowledge vs Wisdom

And I knew all this before.  Intellectually that is.  But wisdom is knowledge in action and God was calling me into the power of action.  No one can make us feel, do, or think anything.  Ever.

We choose our feelings, deeds, and thoughts based on present perspectives shaped by past experiences.  When we find we don’t like certain cycles of emotions, habits, and thoughts in our lives then it’s time, not to point the finger out, but to point the finger in.

Only when we stand grounded in the clarity of self awareness do we have the capacity to take the reigns and begin to steer ourselves in purpose and with intentional direction.  We shed the mask and trap of victimization, and we know that’s all it is because God did not create us to live and express through a filter of powerlessness.

We have to see where we really are and admit the truth of that.  It’s fantastical and irrational thinking to believe we will manifest anything different, better, and higher existing behind veils of secrecy, unhealthy dependency, and denial.

Cleansing for Emotional & Spiritual Healing

Here are some ways to begin the process of cleansing an old mind mold of victimization and start taking back our God given inheritance & intrinsic power to create more of what we really want.

  1. When you feel/think “it” open your heart and ask God for the sight to see yourself as you truly are in that moment.
  2. Ask God to forgive you as you forgive yourself for your participation in the creation of unrest and confusion.  (Include the other person in this prayer as well.  Unless you are led to physically ask that person for forgiveness this energy of this request will be enough.)
  3. Speak your gratitude to God for sight, yourself for receiving the sight, and the other person for being your teacher and guide into this richer state of self exploration & awareness.
  4. Speak your love and blessing to God, yourself, and the other(s) involved and go forward in this new increase in wisdom and personal power.

The New You

It’s not realistic to expect that opening ourselves up to this new approach to how we deal with the Self will translate into instant renewal.  It’s not a one time event we’re submitting ourselves to here, we’re submitting to the process of personal & spiritual growth…

And though it’s not easy, it is very necessary because at the end of the day what we’re submitting to is what God Himself has called the chief and lifelong work of the Believer: being changed into the image and likeness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Amen.


About Alaina Odessa Expressions

Alaina Odessa is a Christian poet and author of Slow Running Honey, an anointed book of poetry that speaks to the secrets, self deception, and lack of self awareness that is holding many of God's people back from the abundance He created them for. She is creator of Alaina Odessa Expressions, a company dedicated to helping others 'Cultivate the God made self' through poetry, theatre, workshops, lectures, & television. Godly information fosters the mind renewal process all Christians must undertake to experience the fullness of Christ's sacrifice. Alaina Odessa Expressions strives to provide edifying, life changing content.
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