Emotional Baggage & Teen Aged Vaseline

Unknown-1I have one of those huge jars of Vaseline amongst my toiletries.  I’ve had it since the late 90’s.  Seriously.

When I was a little girl, I used to wonder how the company making Vaseline ever made any money because it took sooooo long to consume their product.  But that was me and my experience & use of petroleum jelly…

It, quite obviously, was not the company’s across the board experience.  Although, I’d like to note my sheer relief when the brand started expanding to include lotions, and lip therapies, and stuff:-)

Anyway, I’m thinking about emotions.  How personal they are and what bearers of truth they always seem to be.  It took me years to realize that emotions aren’t truth.  They’re triggers of truth, but not truth in and of themselves.

People relate to others, to tasks, things, and experiences based on personal historical emotional archiving.  There’s a slew of stuff stored up in our hearts and psyches and every bit of it is totally one sided!

Our willingness to “consider our ways”, to face difficult truths about ourselves, is directly related to our ability to sort through it all.  Without it we can’t perform the prerequisite of salvation: repentance.   Without it, it’s never us that needs to change, it’s always them.

What did I mean when I said emotions are “triggers of truth?”  Aww, thanks for asking…(smile)

Say you feel jealous of someone because of their success in an area.  Your jealousy is real, but it’s not right, it’s not true.  That emotion inside of you is an alarm if you’ll allow it to be.  It’s triggering a truth about an inadequacy you believe you have, though you actually don’t.

The jealous pangs are about an unfairness you believe now keeps you from doing/having whatever your particular version is of what’s driving the jealousy, though it actually isn’t.  The stumbling block is not the other person and their accomplishments, it’s the belief.  And the emotion is telling you, “Help, there’s an off belief in here!”

False beliefs create true realities… and this need not be so.

We could go down the list of negative emotions creating similar examples from fear to rage to guilt to worry.  All these are about confusion.  God isn’t the author of that.  They are the indicators that tell us we’ve been separated from our God made selves.  If we’ll honor them, stop hiding from them, masking them behind defense & coping mechanisms, they’ll lead us to the wholeness we long for.

So stop with the sitting duck mentality where emotions are concerned.  Haven’t they stolen and soiled enough of your glory already?  When they surface, question them about the lessons they’ve come to teach you about yourself.  Our wealth & freedom will come in direct measure to our ability to face our triggers down.

We must be able to see ourselves as we actually are.  Not where our limited perspective loves to make us believe we are, nor where our hurt feelings try to tell us other people are…

No one else is at fault.  Ever.  It’s time for 100% responsibility.  It’s time we come out of the containers of our emotions and begin the work of righting our hearts & perspectives “in spirit and in truth.”

It makes all the difference between what we think/feel is going on with the Vaseline company and what actually is.


About Alaina Odessa Expressions

Alaina Odessa is a Christian poet and author of Slow Running Honey, an anointed book of poetry that speaks to the secrets, self deception, and lack of self awareness that is holding many of God's people back from the abundance He created them for. She is creator of Alaina Odessa Expressions, a company dedicated to helping others 'Cultivate the God made self' through poetry, theatre, workshops, lectures, & television. Godly information fosters the mind renewal process all Christians must undertake to experience the fullness of Christ's sacrifice. Alaina Odessa Expressions strives to provide edifying, life changing content.
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