Revelation Is Not The End…

I’ve been taking “revelations” for granted.  Every since God has been giving me these awesome pieces of revelation, I’ve been celebrating like something has been done.  It hasn’t.  Something has only begun.

After the light bulb goes off and the revelation is ‘known’ there still has to be an indoctrination.  It doesn’t matter what I know…it matters what I do with what I know.

I can know the benefits of eating healthy all day, but until I start actually making strides toward healthy eating, what’s my knowledge worth?

There’s a chapter in Slow Running Honey called Proverbs.  It’s just a collection of thoughts I decided to log over a few days’ span once I was finishing up with the book.  One of my favorites is…

Fools do no know, therefore they do not do.  But if you know and do not do, what does that make you?

I can’t tell you how many times since penning that little phrase I’ve had it minister to me. There’s so much in our hearts and heads to be accountable to.  It’s what makes wise people so intriguing.  Wisdom isn’t so much about knowledge…it’s about the use of knowledge.  Wise ones are those most prone to integrate the effects of what they know.

There is so much I know that’s been left untapped.  Perhaps everything I’ve learned thus far has been waiting for me to acknowledge that there’s been a religiosity to these revelations I’ve been asking God for.

I’ve wanted to know more for the sake of knowing more than for any commitment to the sacrifice of being better because of what I know.  So after all this time, mostly what I thought was revelation was really just laying the groundwork for it.

And so for the Believer, repentance and revelation are the parents of change.


About Alaina Odessa Expressions

Alaina Odessa is a Christian poet and author of Slow Running Honey, an anointed book of poetry that speaks to the secrets, self deception, and lack of self awareness that is holding many of God's people back from the abundance He created them for. She is creator of Alaina Odessa Expressions, a company dedicated to helping others 'Cultivate the God made self' through poetry, theatre, workshops, lectures, & television. Godly information fosters the mind renewal process all Christians must undertake to experience the fullness of Christ's sacrifice. Alaina Odessa Expressions strives to provide edifying, life changing content.
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